"The growing receptivity to inner treasures"

Rob van den Haak

If you yearn for more meaning, inner peace, and balance in your life, you are warmly welcome at Tarra Lanzilli. My loving aim is to personally guide you on your inner journey, so you can cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. At Tarra Lanzilli, you can explore various heartwarming sessions, including Body Remembers Trauma Therapy, Trauma Release Breathwork, Sacred Cacao Bliss, and Truffle Ceremonies.

As a certified process facilitator and breath therapist, Tarra Lanzilli, my profession is more than just a professional commitment – it is my calling. My journey began as a personal quest for growth and healing by overcoming my own traumas. My passion for sharing knowledge and guiding others on their journey of inner transformation stems from my own experiences, positively impacting many lives.

In my pursuit of wisdom and healing, I have discovered holistic approaches, blending the power of a holistic perspective with modern life. My journey has taken me through diverse cultures and traditions, where I have learned the invaluable benefits of natural remedies and plant medicines. These rich experiences have inspired me to integrate ancient wisdom into contemporary life.

For me, this is not just a regular job; it is a personal calling to guide others on their path of growth, healing, and inner transformation.


Body Remembers Trauma Therapy

Experiencing Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT®) with me is akin to navigating a careful guide to liberate traumas and held stress in your body. I emphasize activating the Psoas muscle, enabling deep healing in your subconscious. My compassionate approach assists in releasing mental, emotional, and physiological tension. Unprocessed traumas and stress have accumulated in your nervous system, muscles, and connective tissue, and with BRTT®, I encourage your body to release these tensions, bringing a calming effect to your nervous system.

BRTT® with me offers a personal journey to liberation from emotional burdens, recovery, and self-discovery. It empowers you to resolve deeply buried emotions and traumas, allowing you to experience a new sense of inner freedom and resilience. My approach to BRTT® is carefully tailored to both your body and your nervous system, opening the door to a loving exploration of well-being.

Body Remembers Trauma Therapy aids in:

  • Reducing symptoms of burnout, depression, and stress
  • Improving energy and endurance
  • Alleviating physical complaints (migraines, back, neck, and shoulder pain)
  • Releasing constricting emotions, events, and fears
  • Providing relief for chronic conditions

Trauma Release Breathwork

Experiencing Trauma Release Breathwork® (TRB®) with me is like embarking on a profound breathing journey that assists in releasing unprocessed traumas and suppressed emotions. This technique encompasses seven breathing methods that enable a transformative inner journey and establish a connection with deeply rooted beliefs and life experiences. During a TRB® session, I guide you through these techniques, activating thoughts, feelings, and emotions, sometimes inducing a trance-like experience.

The strength of TRB® lies in its ability to access deeply hidden memories and emotions, even from early childhood or past lives, stored within the body. This method involves a guided breathing session accompanied by meditative music.

As you breathe, you open the door to the subconscious, where stored emotions and traumas can be released or reset. This brings you into a deep meditative state, promotes self-awareness, and stimulates healing. After the session, you may feel more grounded, with reduced anxiety and depression, experiencing a sense of relaxation and tranquility. TRB® is a powerful way to explore the layers of yourself, fostering healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Truffle Ceremony

Participating in a truffle ceremony with me is a unique experience involving the use of psilocybin-containing truffles to induce a psychedelic journey. This ceremony is often utilized for profound insights, spiritual growth, and the treatment of mental health conditions, with preparation and intentions as essential elements.

During the ceremony, you descend into the subconscious, offering the potential for new insights or powerful therapy. Truffles induce a deep, heightened state of consciousness, akin to deep meditation. The effects unfold in three phases, with intensified perceptions and possible hallucinations. Experiencing synesthesia, where senses merge, is common.

A truffle ceremony is a potent and intricate experience with the potential for profound implications on personal growth and consciousness, and I am delighted to guide you on this journey.

Sacred Cacao Bliss Ceremony

Participating in a Cacao Bliss ceremony with me is an opportunity for a profound inner journey with support for insights, healing, and self-love. This ritual utilizes Sacred Cacao Bliss, a potent combination of natural elements such as raw cacao, herbs, psilocybin, and Ayahuasca tincture. It opens the door to both the subconscious and the universe, enabling growth of consciousness and profound insights.

During a Cacao Bliss ceremony, various challenges can be addressed, including depression, burnout, anxieties, trauma, self-awareness, stress reduction, relationship issues, healing, spiritual growth, and the discovery of life purpose. The ceremony offers a gentle approach to bring hidden emotions and memories to the surface, forming new neural connections, and releasing old fears. This can lead to relief from conditions such as trauma, post-traumatic stress, burnout, depression, and addiction. I am delighted to guide you on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Coaching & Integration

At Tarra Lanzilli, I understand that personal growth and inner transformation often require a profound journey. That's why I offer coaching and guidance that embrace the integration of truffles and plant medicines as powerful tools on this journey. My coaching emphasizes a holistic approach to well-being, where I embrace the healing powers of nature. Truffles and plant medicines have been integral to rituals and healing practices worldwide for centuries. They can serve as gateways to deep inner wisdom, self-discovery, and healing.

Whether you're seeking answers, personal growth, trauma healing, or a deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose, my coaching and the integration of truffles, plant medicines, and Breathwork can support you on your journey. I provide a safe, supportive environment where you can explore and integrate the power of these ancient tools into your life.

At Tarra Lanzilli, I am committed to facilitating your personal growth and transformation. I invite you to reach out to me and explore the possibilities of coaching and plant medicine integration, allowing you to embark on your inner journey and embrace the power of self-discovery. Additionally, it's also possible to undergo sessions with your partner, family, or in another arrangement.

For inquiries about the ceremonies or anything else, don't hesitate to contact me. Feel welcome for an unforgettable inner journey!